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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition English language pack

Click on the link above to download the language package.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is the ultimate version of the ultimate role-playing game.

The Witcher, which was released in October 2007, has won more than 90 awards and has sold more than 800,000 copies worldwide, and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition brings the game even closer to perfection with a number of technical and visual improvements jammed into the value-packed retail box. The enhancements introduced in this version include more than 5000 lines of re-written and re-recorded dialogue, more than 200 new dialogue animations, a new character differentiation system for NPCs, an enhanced inventory with improved alchemy, reduced loading times, improved combat responsiveness and much more. In addition to the in-game updates, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will feature premium packaging loaded with value, including the multilingual game disc allowing you to play with any combination of voice-over and subtitles, two new adventures with full voice-over, the D'jinni Adventure Editor, the Official Soundtrack CD, a Music Inspired by The Witcher CD, an official game guide, The Witcher short story by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Making-of DVD with behind-the-scenes video footage, and a map of The Witcher's world.

For more information visit www.wiedzmin.sciagnij.pl (in polish and english)


The Witcher Patch 1.5

wymagania The Witcher: Enhanced Edition English language pack:

You need a full version of Witcher

zobacz zrzut ekranu The Witcher: Enhanced Edition English language pack:

  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition English language pack

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition English language pack

  • Kategoria: Fabularne>RPG

  • Producent:CD Projekt Red Studio

  • Wersja:English language pack

  • Rozmiar:457,00 MB

  • Platforma:Gry

  • System: XP/ Vista

  • Licencja:Freeware

  • Język: angielski

  • Liczba pobrań:254053

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